We can supply various equipment from our own fleet but have also direct access to provide self elevating platforms, crane barges, pontoons, crawler cranes and supporting equipment such as tugs, support vessels and also other specialized equipment such as winches, anchors and hydraulic chain pullers.
Crane barges
We are able to provide various types and sizes of crane barges either barges with fixed pedestal or ringer type cranes or purpose build-up crane barges equipped with crawler cranes from 70 to 800 tons capacity, suitable mooring systems and accommodation facilities. Depending on your project demands we can also provide the operational crew and operational management.
Flat top pontoons
We can deliver to our clients any type of flat top pontoons to suit your transport or project requirements and can offer them also as complete project specific equipped work barges with crawler cranes, mooring system and accommodation etc. Following pontoons can be offered;
135 x 42 x 8.0 m
122 x 36 x 7.6 m
100 x 33 x 7.6 m
100 x 25 x 6.1 m
91.5 x 27.0 x 6.1 m
91.4 x 27.45 x 6,1 m submersible
84,6 x 20,3 x 5,5 m
76 x 24,5 x 5.0 m
75 x 22 x 4.0 m
65 x 15 x 3.3 m
60 x 22 x 4.0 m
60 x 16.5 x 3.3 m
55 x 15,2 x 3,05
50 x 14 x 3.0 m
45 x 20 x 3.35 m
Road transportable couple pontoons in various dimensions and spud legs.
Jack up barges
MCI is also an experienced owner-manager and operator of jack up barges and has a strong track record in providing and operating a wide range of jack up barges for our clients anywhere in the world, from small containerized road transportable units to large offshore Jack Ups for the offshore wind installation market or as accommodation/ support platform for various operations and purposes in the Oil & Gas market.
Crawler / Ringer cranes / Hydraulic cranes
We have various crawler cranes direct available in range from 800 to 70 tons which can be installed on pontoons and jack ups chartered out to clients or are operated on our projects. For wreck removal projects we can supply hydraulic excavator crane’s form 20 to 120 tons machine weight class, equipped with hydraulic steel cutting scissors.
Miscellaneous Equipment
300 ton capacity hydraulic chain pullers used for marine salvage operations and heavy lift operations. Various type of mooring winch systems ranging from 5 to 100 ton pull Accommodation modules Tugs and supporting work vessels.