MCI can provide tailored marine equipment for a number of specialist markets. We work either as a marine equipment supplier with or without the required operational crew or can offer services at (sub) contract basis depending on the type of operations. We offer our marine equipment and (sub)contract services on following type of projects;
Marine & Civil
- Pile driving and pile drilling operations.
- Lifting and installation of bridge elements, deck- and other heavy prefab structures.
- Quay wall, jetty and breakwater construction projects.
Wreck removal & Salvage
- Wreck removal, salvage operations and related services.
Offshore wind farms and marine renewable energy installations
Vessel supply and logistic support for foundation and WTG installation, commissioning & maintenance and for installation of tidal current and wave energy structures.
Offshore oil & gas
-Vessel supply and logistic support for transport and offshore installation of platform components and modules.
-Jack Up platform supply and operation for accommodation and hook up services.
-Jack Up platform supply and operation for power supply, water injection or as early production facility in marginal offshore field enhancement operations.
-Decommissioning and removal of platform structures.